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but of that 20% of the chicks that are into foreigners, 80% don't actually like you they just like the idea of a foreign boyfriend.

So basically, be careful, don't fall for the first Thai girl whos into you and, LEARN TO SPEAK THAI.

The one who did give me her number also seemed to be really happy when I approached her. I got her number which I checked right away and it was indeed her.

She also liked the idea I suggested of hanging out later. Ok so someone with more experience in dating thai girls might enlighten.

And for the older guys you know what kind of girls they hang out with. I don't know if they think foreigners want to have ONS or be FWB.

It makes no sense because those "cute" type of girls I approached I have seen countless of them with really ugly guys.

Meine Daten Größe:1,61 Gewicht:57 Sternzeichen: Beruf: Sprachen: Khmer.... Nice to meet you Meine Daten Größe: 161 cm Gewicht: 62 Kg Sternzeichen: Widder Beruf: Staff in company Sprachen: Thai, Englisch and want to be learn Deutsch Kinder: I dont have Children and never was married Hobbys: Reading books,watching movies....

Looking for: Age 50-70 Looking for a long-term relationship and marriage Height: 160 cm Weight: 70 kg Children: one son Work: There is a small restaurant to go to the house, Thai food, noodles, fried foods and smoothies.

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So don't worry about things progressing slowly.-FWB zone doesn't really exist. I'm sure you'll do fine, anyone can get a girl here. Usually it has a higher than normal concentration of English speakers (in most countries).

Athaya is good with easy, easy to eat, not too much.

** Looking for men aged 35 - 50 years with good habits, polite, honest and honoring women for love for marriage, to create a family and have children.

Talking to other foreigners is really easy girl or male since they most often speak decent enough English but I am more interested in dating a thai girl or asian girls because the city I am come from has very FEW asians girls(Ottawa/Canada). Also I didn't approach any "sexy" girls, you all know what I mean. But out of the 10 girls I approached only 1 gave me her number.

There is two type of Thai girls, the more traditional girly ones and the ones who wear a shit ton of makeup or very ultra revealing clothes. Others the conversation disintegrate either because of language or other circumstances.

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