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The reason can be attributed to the fact that in the past this nation has adhered to the Principles found in the Decalogue.

In the function of a nation, there are certain Principles that must be followed and carefully guarded, for they are absolutely necessary for the establishment and survival of freedom.

This is not to say that a lot of immoral killings do not happen in war — they do!

Absolute and unchanging, they have been given to insure freedom for evangelism in every generation and to provide a FRAMEWORK for human happiness.

Therefore, I shall list some ways in which the Ten Commandments have had a great influence upon our own national entity.

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In slavery, the Jews could not function as a nation.Therefore, the whole purpose of the Ten Commandments is to show you the Principles by which the freedom of your soul can be maintained; this individual freedom in turn provides the objectivity necessary to protect the freedom of your nation.) is very interesting because it is made up of two words — the Tetragrammaton, which we will simply call “Jehovah,” and the noun, “Elohim.” Since “Elohim” refers to essence, it is in the plural.The Tetragrammaton never refers to more than one Person at a time.Once free from physical slavery, the Jews had the responsibility of not only exercising their freedom, but also of protecting and maintaining their freedom.( Through the operation of human freedom, God in His grace gives man the opportunity to have a relationship with Himself.

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