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She was stopping by the house for some reason and i was outside smoking.

She almost kept walking apparently as i was,"some big scary dude with tattoos".

I am very scary and intimidating when I have to be.

I recently avoided a fight with a guy that was creeping out a bunch of girls just by standing up straight, puffing out and looking like I want to kill someone.

More times than I can remember I've herd "I thought you were a real ass hole the first time I met you, you looked pissed".

When I heard about height being intimidating, I asked my friends about it. But, you know they are my friends so I thought they were just being supportive.

However, my friends know I'm very friendly and don't like hurting people.

But they're just a bunch of goof balls that smile all the time. I was once told from a former employer that wearing dark clothes can make me seem overly intimidating to people and that I should "cut that shit out".I never really thought about my height being intimidating before, though.Now I'm wondering how many interactions I have on a daily basis are influenced by my height. My wife had met her numerous times, but my first meeting with her was unplanned.:)Other times I've been told I'm intimidating have been when I'm just zoning, thinking about something and apparently get "resting asshole face", if that's a thing. I'm only 5'20 but everyone says my height is intimidating.Every girl I've ever dated has said that if I hadn't approached them they would have been too intimidated to talk to me.

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