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It appears the Amish are mostly alike in Northern Indiana than not, but still with a few variations. We have so many different sects/orders of Amish that I’m not sure I could count them all offhand.Some of the orders consider themselves “Old Order” but they are nothing like the real Old Order. I live in the midst of all these orders of Amish and I like to bring out which ones I’m talking about, or showing you a picture of their farm, buggy, etc.To pull it off, the production crew and the townspeople must put up with evil forces that are set on destroying them.Arriving in a small Ohio town, a TV crew sent to document a reclusive Amish sect instead come to find that the passing of a town figure thought to be a powerful witch sets off a storm of paranormal activity and must help them try to rid the spirit before they're all targeted.

For instance, we have a niece who lives in Indiana and she told us that all the Amish in her part of the world are considered Old Order Amish, but that each district does their own thing.

Considering the frantic action that leads up to it beforehand, there's a rather weak ending to this one that is quite confusing and makes for a downbeat and confusing entry.

The only other factor against this one is the seemingly different viewpoint it has towards what's causing the supernatural action throughout here, giving several different answers for what's happening that contradict each other which doesn't get fully resolved until the end, and it really gives this a scatterbrained mentality at times when it can't decide what's going on.

The various orders of Amish come up in my posts for a couple reasons. I despise when a blanket statement is made about the Amish, and then people who don’t know believe that all Amish do things this or that way. I think it adds interest to my posts and helps folks understand the Amish better. Most common of orders, they are the largest group of Amish in Northeast Ohio, where I live. Comparing the Old Order Amish from how they were when we left and where they are today is absolutely amazing and kind of blows my mind.

The Old Order has advanced so fast that I can hardly keep up.

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