Stop attack intimidating shout macro

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Instead of just showing the macro name, you can choose to have it show the spell's name, if the macro casts a spell, or show the macro code. Similarly, you can Shift-click spells from the spell book to insert /cast ) (without quotes).***** ** Ingame extend LUA code editor and SM_The right edit box in Super Macro frame is for extended codes that is associated with that macro.***** Slash commands For complete info on slash commands and their corresponding LUA functions, read If another addon already took /use, you could use the /smuse. To print some text to the default chat frame, you can use the /print command. Ctrl-Alt-click will insert the recipe into the macro.Supermacro changes the /macro command so that you can run a macro from the chat line. This is equivalent to /script Run Macro("macro_name"). /macro Attack NOTE: Running a macro or script from the chat line will not cast spells. Just /supermacro shows help for Super Macro options. For instance, /supermacro hideaction 1 /supermacro hideaction 0 Setting it to 1 hides the macro names on action buttons, and 0 shows them. Make sure the /eq and the item link are on the same line. Shift-click on item or tradeskill will insert name, and Ctrl-Shift will insert the name inside quotes.fixed: Get Spell Cooldown error popup for SM_Channel() option to hide menu button option to wrap long sentences (won't work until they add Edit Box: Set Non Space Wrap() ) slash command to run super macro /smacro register events to run macros.see for Register Event Macro and Unregister Event Macro. Register Event Macro( "ding", 1, "PLAYER_LEVEL_UP"); -- do something whenever you level up View Event Macro() prints the events table remove virtual templates from toc (Fonts.xml, UIPanel Templates.xml, Class Trainer Frame Templates.xml) Super Macro v3.15b1 by Aquendyn Installing Super Macro: Before you unzip, backup your old and SM_that are in the Super Macro folder (if you have on older version of Super Macro). A new directory called Super Macro will be automatically created, and the files will be extracted there.Now, you can assign a keybind to tell your pet to attack, and you can call this macro when executing other macros.For example, we can change the above example to this: **** Super Macro lets your macros call other macros with the special function Run Macro(index) or Run Macro("name").

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You can also use Macro() in place of Run Macro() if you are close to 256 letter limit. 3 /use blazing wand /smuse blazing wand These two commands are equivalent. You can do this for container items, paperdoll items, bagslots, and tradeskills. To link tradeskills items, Alt-click on the skill in the top half of the frame, that is, where you would select the skill, or the icon.

Macros 1 to 18 are account macros, and Macros 19-36 are character-specific macros.

If you add or delete macros, their order may change, so be careful here.

In addition, there are two special bindings for Attack and Pet Attack.

To use these two macros, you must first create macros for them. Make a macro called Attack (note caps) with this body: Now, you can assign a keybind for attack, and you can call this macro when executing other macros.

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