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As Julie clambered up alongside her boyfriend on the bed, Steve wished that his cock, like Gavin's had been able to spray its seed down her throat.

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He was jealous that he had to sit here and cover for his sister whilst she went off and kissed her boyfriend in her room.His eyes travelled down over her shoulders to where he could see her lovely breasts falling beneath her chest as she knelt over her boyfriend who was laid back on the bed to enjoy his girlfriend's performance.The nipples were tight and erect, obvious even from his vantage point outside.He stroked his cock as it filled out to hits full size, swelling as his fist pumped up and down the shaft in time with the mouth on Gavin's erection.He wished that he could be inside the room, rather than out here, peering in through the window. He took some comfort in the fact that if he couldn't have Julie, at least his cock was bigger than Gavin's.

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