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To say that Decker is excited to finally be a part of a Major League roster is certainly an understatement.“It’s been a crazy-whirlwind two weeks,” said Decker.“It’s something that I always thought would happen, but when I came here… I’ve felt numb to the entire experience.”Decker continued on saying “Now I get to be on shows like on the show.Jenn Sterger The NFL has fined Minnesota Vikings football player, Brett Favre, ,000 for not cooperating in a case, containing allegations he left voice messages, asking nude model, Jenn Sterger, for a date, violating league policy on personal relationships. The league stated it is not making any judgment calls on people's personal relationships.

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That’s Jenn Sterger in the middle with the cowboy hat — one reason why online fans called her “The FSU Cowgirl” before they figured out her name. Give Sterger points for All-American initiative, if nothing else.Jenn Sterger’s reluctance to cooperate with the NFL regarding the investigation regarding whether Vikings quarterback Brett Favre violated the league’s Personal Conduct Policy via his communications with her possibly during their mutual employment with the Jets arises from the fact that she can’t truthfully say his conduct was unwelcome.Comments from one of Sterger’s friends seem to lend credence to that perspective.In the Judiciary Report's opinion, the messages were not lewd, but unethical, as he is married.As the authenticity of the penis photos were not verified, Sterger's point regarding them became moot.

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