Squier by fender serial number dating

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Fender introduced its Vintage Series guitars in 1982.

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CC 6 digits corresponds to Walnut Stratocaster 1981-1983. For example * "KC97" = made by Cor-Tek (Cort) in 1997. KC and KV serial number prefixes are usually used on Crafted in Korea Squiers.S/E: The S and E serial number prefix Korean Squiers are from the late 1980s/early 1990s. There were also Korean Squier serials with no serial number prefix and 6 or 7 numbers and the first number is the year. DN 6 digits corresponds to Fender's American Deluxe Series dating to 1998-1999. Nontraditional Fender Series: AMXN 6 digits corresponds to 1997-1998 and includes Fender's short-lived California Series of instruments.

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