Spies guide to dating

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But the devastating truth is revealed toward the end of a 16-panel cartoon that the Beijing authorities posted in subway stations, streets and residential compounds for China’s first National Security Education Day last Friday.

Caught by security officers after handing her boyfriend a disc of work secrets at his request, Ms.

The Chinese state news media reported on Tuesday that a former computer technician, Huang Yu, 41, who worked at a cryptographic institute in Chengdu, had been sentenced to death for selling 150,000 classified documents to foreign spies from 2002 to 2011.

His Chinese wife and brother-in-law were imprisoned for negligent disclosure of state secrets, the reports said.

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By creeping on my roommate's first date, of course.

in which he fielded questions about his time as a spy, his life since leaving the agency (“Now I’m just a cat owner with a Play Station who likes to drink Capri Sun”), and how he managed to keep such a big secret for as long as he, told his family and everyone else that he was a low-level salesman (“and since that’s pretty boring, there truthfully weren’t a lot of other follow-up questions”).

Keeping his cover wasn’t quite as drama-filled as it was for the Jennings, the officer) – much of the current season deals with the fallout after the married spies decide to reveal their true identities to their daughter – but he still made some missteps.

Li, giving her presents, and saying: “You’re pretty, gentle, elegant.

In fact, the first time I met you I fell in love with you!

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