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Snapchat, just got to the ‘#1 best friend for two weeks’ icon the red heart…

This started as a gym thing, trained together a couple times and now with me exchanging some gym knowledge and writing up some stuff for her, we have also been ‘out’ about 5 times – I will state why I used ‘out’ in a second.

She’s recently ended a relationship with a bad guy, couple months back.

She has some mistrust in guys and has mentioned this.

Lastly we went out with a group last weekend and ended up getting a little drunk, whilst I was looking after her she also got quite affectionate with the hugs and holding hands walking her home, I know she was drunk so I won’t try and read into it much and just take it as face value. I was considering/have considered asking a mutual gym friend to just place a feeler or two when they meet at the gym?

I guess what I am looking for is to understand whether you think by reading this the signs are there, clearly, we get on really well just that I am a little pussy/nervous to ask or raise anything. Have I potentially missed ‘the window’ if there is a window?

There isn’t so much touching and physical contact apart from hugs and the odd bit from me, not much back.

Take part in a speed dating event at a city near you. Her reply was like she notices I like her and she’s just out (couple months) of her heavy relationship, really enjoys spending time with me and gets on so well with me…Then she was asked about potential in the future and she replied maybe but for now just friend thing and she’s not tried to give off the wrong impression…to which I hesitated and screwed up as that was the opportunity, I kind of mumbled and the conversation changed…that was a prime chance but time’s passed and what’s done is done!

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