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Male and female touts have even been known to approach foreigners there to show them the women in the mall they know and negotiate a price for a date.

The action seems to be dying off slowly but surely though it can certainly still be found.

Inside of the upscale tend to attract working women throughout the day.

Even in the afternoons a few early birds can typically be found, but things really turn on in the evenings and nights.

Figuring out which woman are working and which aren’t can be second nature for experienced men and extremely difficult for those new to the game.

in Malate is the oldest shopping mall in Manila and it shows.

Still, some working women can be found from time to time by those who know what they are looking for.

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It is a a gigantic city that serves as the capital of the Philippines and its economic center.

The massive metropolis attracts people from every inhabited island in the country in search of financial opportunities.

Many are unable to find any such opportunities or find that the only opportunities for them to make significant amounts of money are to be found in the formal or informal sex industry.

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