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Similarly, head nods, genuine smiles (i.e., Duchenne smiles), gestures, and leaning forward are associated with more self-reported feelings of love among long-term committed relationship partners (8).However, little empirical research has examined nonverbal displays in initial encounters of romantic attraction, and to our knowledge no experimental research has tested directly which nonverbal behaviors may cause a person to be seen as a more attractive relationship partner.= 144 speed-dates), we coded nonverbal behaviors associated with liking, love, and dominance.

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Physical features, such as pupil size, gaze directionality, eye color, facial symmetry, and nonverbal displays, are encoded by human minds in as little as 39 ms (11). an averted gaze) influence decisions to pursue or pass over a potential romantic partner when rapidly observing photographs of models in a computer task (12).

In these brief observations of another person, one characteristic that seems to be expressed consistently through a small collection of nonverbal behaviors is hierarchical standing, e.g., one’s power, socioeconomic status, or sociometric status.

Humans seek romantic relationship partners for many reasons.

By sharing in a relationship partner’s social, psychological, physical, and monetary resources, a person can fulfill a number of goals, including establishing intimate social connections (1), satisfying one’s sex drive (2), complying with societal norms of casual dating (3), and reproduction (4).

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