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The imaginative powers on display run the comic book gamut, from cyborgs to raging muscled monsters.

parody, and turned their attention toward superheroes.

See, she uses her hacking powers to bust into electronics through her phone and wreak havoc, but “call girl” is also a euphemism for “prostitute.” Get it? , battles are turn-based, but this time Ubisoft has built in a grid system that calls for slightly more strategic thinking.

Each power hits a certain number of squares on the grid from a specific range; some will knock back enemies that are hit, or change the position in which your character ends their turn.

You have a small handful of powers, and those powers solve every puzzle in the game in a fairly straightforward manner.

Much like the combat, I found the puzzles enjoyable Oh, did I mention that the main character’s primary superpower is farting?

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