Slackware package updating 12 0

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Once you’re finished with your partitioning, make sure you write the changes to disk and exit the partitioner.You’ll be taken back to the command line, and we can begin the install.

If you’re looking to save on space, some of those can be removed without negatively affecting your installation.

If Slackware is the only operating system on this computer, it should be perfectly ok to install at the default location, the MBR.

If you intend to use lilo with other operating systems or without overwriting the MBR, see a more detailed guide such as this.

Choose this option only if you’re very familiar with what is and isn’t essential your system. Once you’ve chosen your packages, installation will truly begin. You can learn quite a bit by simply watching the packages install and reading what they do.

Once the file copy is complete, you’ll be asked if you want to make a USB recovery key.

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