Shutting computer down while updating

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You can set Windows to automatically install updates or ask you each time whenever a new update is available for download using its Settings.

Many times when Windows downloads updates, it needs to restart the computer to install those updates as the installation might require replacing of few system files which are currently in use by Windows.

So why is that not the case with "Update and shut down"?

I clicked update and shut down last night, expecting Windows to be done with whatever it needs to do, and turned on the machine this morning to be greeted with an hour-long update process I did not expect.

Visit Stack Exchange I'm curious if there is any technical or user experience design reason for this phenomenon I'm experiencing: Whenever I select "Update and shut down", the machine will update for a while and then shut down, but when I start it up again, it will still spend time on updating.

As far as I know, an "Update and restart" will fully complete the update.

However, when an update is "available", my only option is "update and shutdown". When the automatic update feature is turned on, it downloads the update for you in the background and leaves the option "update and shutdown" instead of the original "shutdown". Backup and Restore the old Windows 10 Update Go on with option 1 if you're tired of receiving all the available Windows 10 updates.

As a result, for some problematic updates, you have to sit there in front of the computer and wait! The consuming time depends on whether the update is installing with trouble or not. Meanwhile, we provide you with an optional choice to permanently remove the "Update and Shutdown" in the Power button from the Start menu. Try to remove this feature off from your computer and never update. Open the Run command (Win R), type: and press "Enter". From the Services list which appears, find the Windows Update service and open it. In Startup Type under the General tab, change it to "Disabled". Follow Method 1 1 to shut down the computer using cmd.

From these observations, I suspect windows downloads a part of update while installing or sends some data to MS before it finishes installing. Many of my friends are also frustrated of this behaviour.First, here are some direct answers to shut down your computer without necessarily installing the update. Skip the shutdown and update option, shut down the Windows 10 computer using cmd. Log out the current user account and shut down using cmd. In the Command Prompt, which you press "Windows X" and select the option "Command Prompt (Admin)", type shutdown /s to power off your computer. Worry about clicking the Update and Shutdown option by mistake in the future, or never want to install the pushed updates?Use Ease US free backup software to backup and restore Windows 10 to its previous version.There's no legal way to postpone or schedule updates.You can set idle time but its restricted to contigious 12 hrs.

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