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I like narration similar to Saten’s narration in during the Level Upper story arc… it’s totally ruining my angelic image of Nana Mizuki ‘s? Less anime references (that I got, anyways) this episode, but still extremely random. Of course, Amu’s harem of guys is like, bigger than Tomoya’s; realizes his wrongs and becomes a good guy character, the fifth-grade school year ends. Can’t wait to see where Peach-pit goes with this character. The stupid stuffed animals, I still hate their guts (no pun intended). Maybe they’re trying to be creative (trying to copy GAINAX? Combining bad narration with bad camera angles makes me cringe in pain. Hmm, is Ioryogi going to do some investigating on the evil gang people? We’ve also got to factor in the romance in the story — mostly the love triangle between Tsukiyomi Ikuto and whats-his-last-name Tadase. However, the Student Council President has an interesting side. What’s with the sexual connotations that everybody thinks are behind everything Natsuru-san says? I still feel very very sad about how everybody is bullying Ange. With the help of her Shugo Chara, Amu is about to discover that her true self is even more amazing than she ever dreamed. I shall be cynical like I normally am, and call the Shugo Chara “plot devices”. Okay, fine, they also double as characters and gag humor, but for the purposes of this section, I shall consider them “plot devices”. *~*~* The main antagonist in the first half (up to episode 26ish) is Nikaidou-sensei, who transferred into Seiyo as a teacher. When she first transferred to Seiyo, she was super-shy — but her classmates mistook this as being cold and cool. KIZUNA, ATSUI KIZUNA~ So they go to visit Kousonsan…

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that kind of sad, melancholic, inspirational, mind-opening heartfelt storytelling. Aya…), can sing live, but it’s not as awesome as her studio singing. There were a lot of good shots in this ep, but I’m not feeling well so I didn’t bother doing any screenshots. Our cast of Amu, Kukai, Hotori, Nadeshiko, and Yaya disband. So many good voice actors in this anime, but such a sucky anime.

Anyways, as for the actual episode, it was a normal Speaking of Eru, Amulet Angel was the cutest out of all of Amu’s transformations (maybe tying with Amulet Heart… Continuing from last episode: Junpei meets a really cute twin-tailed underclassman who knows about his curse. Each character learns and develops in their own way. It was my weekly dose of mahjong and random yuri, but it was still really great. As for Bakemonogatari, I realize I haven’t even finished watching it.

not that she ever does anything besides wave a white flag, but. Perhaps the changes that the characters go through in Shugo Chara (which isn’t found in something like ) is what’s really touching about this anime.

The plot of this anime never really went anywhere, so I am extremely disappointed in that respect (they could have done was a prequel, but either way, I will be eagerly looking forward to watching the second season. Ep 05 was the standard pool episode, funny but nothing really unique. Also, the setting and how the characters were trying not to be recognized was interesting and hilarious. [spoiler]I looked it up, she’s voiced by Kana Hanazawa, and she voiced Kagome ( — Child-whatsherface is actually cute. Once their characters became more developed, I warmed up to them just like Amu did. In my opinion, this kind of character doesn’t fit together at all. wait, nevermind, I can’t understand his situation at all.

The first season was some of the best character/setting build-up I’ve ever seen… Nothing happened, but the animation studio somehow still made the ending somewhat satisfying, so I respect them for that. They also managed to make the end of the episode slightly touching, while still maintaining the tone of the series. Yea, this anime isn’t important enough for me to remember the main characters’ names. Either way, since this was supposed to be emotional, the emotional impact of a new environment, and the loss of friends is something that happens to everyone. At the start of the new semester and new school year, she immediately felt depressed. You can’t have “shy” and “King’s Chair” (basically Student Council President) both in the same sentence. I mean, I admit Hinagiku is actually shy inside, but Hotori-kun is the complete opposite.

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