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Menorah’s restaurant serves European cuisine, as well as Kosher dishes, cooked from high-quality products. The Museum of History of Odessa Jews “Migdal Shorashim” was opened in November of 2002 by the Jewish community centre “Migdal”. Babel and others who choose to produce their classics in the Russian language.In the museum you will also find a small collection of monetary bills (including “The Odessa currency”) which highlight the theme of Jewish financial activity in Odessa. Postcards of Jewish aid organization dealing with ill or impoverished Jews called “Ezras Hoilim” and the private letter of M.Usyshkin written on the form of the “Palestinian Committee” illustrate of the time in Odessa’s Jewish history were Jews could not only help their neighbour but also use their finances and strength to build the foundation of the Israeli State.

During this time period the city served as a home to numerous Jewish writers and poets including Mandel Moiher-Sforim, H. Alongside these events in the city and the later developments of perestroika Jewish migration out of the USSR and the simultaneous rebirth and revival of the Jewish community define the 1990’s period in post-Soviet Odessa.

In the window display located in that exact room you can find the “Sefer Hagada” of H. Next to this image you can look directly at the faces of early Jewish settlers heading to Eretz Israel on board the famous ship “Ruslan” (1919) In the second display case one can bare witness to the religious life of Odessa’s Jewry.

Here a collection of religious garments and ritual objects along old postcards of Odessa’s once living and breathing synagogues lead the visitor through the history of Judaism in the city.

Dizenhoff and others also spent their days in Odessa.

Despite the small parameters of the museum (total area of exhibition space is 160 sq meters) “Migdal Shorashim” serves as the only Jewish museum in all of the Ukraine where over a period of five years it has gathered a rich collection of 7000 materials (including documents, photographs, books, newspapers, postcards, religious garment, household goods, music instruments and other pieces of art).

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