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You cannot post anything that a patient has not given you permission for. You have to be careful about things like a patient chart in the background, because someone can take a screenshot and zoom in on a name.

But then, as number two, the focus should always be on patient care, safety, and education — and that’s where the gray zone starts.

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Take a look at the app's privacy policy for information on the kinds of data collected and stored by the developer.

So now if I have an important message — if I went to a meeting, or if I was doing an academy talk — I’ll insert a picture of a butt that I worked on as the cover photo. So it’s really about finding the right balance between entertainment, education, and advertising? I sometimes use the example of an airline safety video.

Within a year or two, they were asking me, “How do you do it?Then I started putting some before-and-afters and bringing my business into it.Nobody else was on Instagram, as far as I remember, not even [now-Instagram-famous surgeon] Dr. I just knew that it was gonna be an original medium. It’s not like we’re fixing blood pressure; with plastic surgery, it’s in front of your eyes and it either looks good or it doesn’t.There are examples of almost every explicit word across the content library.Description on the i Tunes store and user reviews mention a subscription plan, which lets users read more than a limited number of stories each day.

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