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Here's how to find a rebound that won't make you want to die. He or she is just good enough to hold your attention, but certainly not someone you want to spend your time with.Why bother potentially breaking the heart of someone you could have meshed really well with when there are millions of A-OK people out there?Talking about your past relationships has become the gold standard of first date icebreakers. The rebound relationship is the perfect time to cross the threshold and crumble the proverbial dam that separates friends and lovers.Maybe you decide to go the distance with the random girl you've been chatting with on Tinder, maybe it's your old college fling with the lazy eye, maybe it's the WELP you always find in your bed… It's certainly not the most eloquent sentence to say, but sometimes you have to just be like: "I'm lonely and we should bone." Chances are, they'll at least give you pity sex.

So it pays to be direct with them before things get too serious.

Cosmopolitan Yogurt hit the supermarket shelves priced higher than competing brands because of their “sophisticated and aspirational nature” (Over 2008)…

Yes, that’s right, sex and yogurt was classed as “sophisticated”.

Had you always wanted to have sex in Disneyland, but your ex could never get over the fear of getting stuck in a giant teacup? Were you always afraid to poop in the presence of your significant other? This is your blank check -- and not the shitty '90s movie where a grown woman kisses an underage boy.

It's almost a joke to think about a future in which one of your friends is someone who's recently seen your genitals, but it's possible.

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