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Ethnic groups often continue to speak related languages and share a similar gene pool.By way of language shift, acculturation, adoption and religious conversion, it is sometimes possible for individuals or groups to leave one ethnic group and become part of another (except for ethnic groups emphasizing homogeneity or racial purity as a key membership criterion).An ethnic group or ethnicity is a category of people who identify with each other, usually on the basis of a presumed common genealogy or ancestry or on similarities such as common language or dialect, history, society, culture or nation.Ethnicity is often used synonymously with the term nation, particularly in cases of ethnic nationalism, and is separate from but related to the concept of races.

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We will co-operate fully with Law enforcement to keep it that way.Conversely, formerly separate ethnicities can merge to form a pan-ethnicity (such as Han Chinese) and may eventually merge into one single ethnicity.Whether through division or amalgamation, the formation of a separate ethnic identity is referred to as ethnogenesis. The inherited English language term for this concept is folk, used alongside the latinate people since the late Middle English period.Chat rooms are a safe way for adults to meet online and see if they click.Friendship or something more are all possible, the sky is the limit.

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