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Hours after that officer left, a shooting was reported at the house.

c Rapper charged with hate crime in slashing outside gay club A Brooklyn rapper accused of screaming homophobic slurs at ​fast-food ​chicken patrons and slashing two men because he thought they were gay has been charged with assault as a hate crime.

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’s death told deputies he wanted to rob the Wellington man of his drugs and guns.Police announce arrest (of worthesss BLACK predator) in death of beloved (White female) Jacksonville music teacher The Sheriff’s Office announced an arrest in the March 23 death of a popular music teacher., 62, was killed by blunt force trauma in a home-invasion robbery at her East 59th Street home in Panama Park. Her stolen car was recovered two days later in the 3800 block of Notter Avenue off Golfair Boulevard, and Lt.Adams and Wallace tied them up and tortured them for two hours, demanding to know the codes for their safes, Chelmsford Crown Court was told.They tipped a kettle of boiling water over Mrs Buswell's head, which made her husband so angry he broke free from his cable ties, the court heard.

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