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The Assistant Borough Manager shall date, number and record in the order of receipt all acceptable applications, which once recorded shall be Commission records and shall not be returned to the applicants.The statements made by the candidate in his/her resume shall contain no falsification, omission or concealment of material fact.Each candidate will be asked to complete and provide a Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) authorization for this purpose.

Only applicants receiving notices to report for any examination shall be permitted to participate in such examination, and each applicant shall present his/her notice to the examiner before he/she shall be examined.

A change to a different position or rank which results in a decrease in salary; provided, however, that a decrease in salary without a change to a different position or rank shall not necessarily constitute a reduction in rank. The Civil Service Commission (Commission) of the Borough on the first Monday in February of even-numbered years shall elect one of its members as the Chairperson, one as Vice Chairperson and one as Secretary.

If the first Monday is a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held the first day following. The Chairperson, or in his/her absence, the Vice Chairperson, shall preside at all meetings and hearings of the Commission, decide all points of order or procedure and perform all duties required by law of these rules. The Secretary shall be responsible for, at the direction of the Commission, all official correspondence of the Commission, sending out all notices required by law and these rules of procedure, keeping minutes, keeping a record of each examination or other official action of the Commission and performing all other duties required by law, by these rules and by the Commission.

Should investigation disclose any willful misstatement, falsification, omission or concealment with respect to an application: Satisfactorily completed the in-service training program for police officers as required by state law or regulation, be eligible for a waiver of the training, or be able to comply with requirements within one year of appointment to the position; Received at least a grade of "satisfactory" on the latest service ratings, providing that an evaluation of the experience, training, general background and such other records of performance of the applicant, at the discretion of the Commission, may be substituted for the service requirement.

All candidates shall have a degree in Police Science or related field, or an equivalent to such degree in experience, training and understanding of managerial techniques, sufficient to supplement command experience. Each candidate for the Chief position may be subject to a complete background investigation to ascertain the character, qualifications and the managerial potential of each candidate.

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