Sex dates with no register

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The longer it has been since the offender’s sex offense conviction, the lower the expected recidivism rate, if he has not committed another sex offense or a new serious or violent offense.

Offenders who commit a new sexual or other offense that resulted in a sentence of more than one to two months jail time, however, may not be at lower risk of sexual reoffense as time goes by, and may even be higher risk. 59, online at show that the Static-99R is moderately accurate in the ability to predict sexual recidivism.

The offense for which you were registered, not the surrounding factual circumstances of the conviction, determine whether you will be posted, pursuant to Penal Code § 290.46.

The California Department of Justice can not provide legal advice to registered sex offenders on any matter pertaining to their registration status.

Generally, the Static-99R is used to score male offenders age 18 and over, but certain offenses do not qualify for scoring, and offenders who have been offense-free in the community for over 10 years may not qualify for scoring.

The LS/CMI can be used to assess male and female offenders.

California uses dynamic and violence risk instruments that help improve predictive accuracy of risk of re-offense when considered together.

Static risk assessment (Static-99R) looks at unchanging factors in the offender's criminal history that predict risk.

For those who can be posted, only some registrants can have their home addresses posted, others are posted by ZIP Code only.

There is another category of offenders which is not posted on the public Website.

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