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This sign is used by people in an area and slowly becomes incorporated within the country's language.

The chances of someone in one country coming up with exactly…

In ASL, a lot of statements are said by asking questions Example: My name is Daniel "MY-NAME-WHAT-D-A-N-I-E-L" Cash register School Register -------------------- processor register User-accessible Registers Data registers Address registers Conditional registers General purpose registers Floating point registers Constant registers Special purpose registers Instruction registers Model-specific registers Control and status registers Memory buffer register Memory data register Memory address register Memory Type Range Registers Hardware registers I am not aware of a program that can interpret English text to ASL.Within 5 seconds of pressing 1/2, enter your new 5 digit personal code depressing each digit within 5 seconds of the previous digit.The keyless system now registers this second number, and either the new number or the dealership permanent code will operate the locks.Dear User, We rely on your consent to process your personal data for marketing and advertisement purposes.The personal data we will use for such is limited to your email address.

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