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"I think Biddulph's work on boys was excellent, but with the girls the weakness is that he has to look at the bigger picture.

After a professional lifetime concerned with how to rear boys – his book on the subject, Raising Boys, sold more than 3m copies worldwide – British-born Biddulph has now turned his attention to girls.

His new book, Raising Girls, is due to be published here later this month and in it he will widen the net of parental responsibility to include aunts, saying they are the secret to adolescence.

But yet another book putting pressure on families is not going to help get to the root of society's problems, said psychologist and author Oliver James.

"It's a bad idea, a misreading of the evidence," said James, who also wants a new kind of feminism – a less American form – and who sees the root of some of the issues in education and in capitalism.

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