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, then add member variables to the derived class to store data specific to your application.Implement message-handler member functions and a message map in the derived class to specify what happens when messages are directed to the window. First, call the constructor Specifies whether the default action to be invoked is that of the object or one of the object's child elements.The paint structure contains a RECT data structure that has the smallest rectangle that completely encloses the update region and a flag that specifies whether the background has been erased.

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For more information, see IAccessible::acc Do Default Action in the Windows SDK.

Usually called from CDialog:: On Init Dialog to center dialog boxes relative to the main window of the application.

By default, the function centers child windows relative to their parent window, and pop-up windows relative to their owner.

For more information, see IAccessible::acc Hit Test in the Windows SDK.

Called by the framework to retrieve the specified object's current screen location.

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