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The RO is required to notify the claimant in writing.The law requires the notice to include the reasons for the denial and a summary of the evidence considered, as well as the appellate rights for the claimant.

The date is calculated by excluding the first day and counting the last day.NOTICE OF DISAGREEMENT After receiving an adverse RO decision, the initial step in the appeal process is to file a Notice of Disagreement (NOD). A NOD is defined as a “written communication from a claimant or his or her representative expressing dissatisfaction or disagreement with an adjudicative determination by the agency of original jurisdiction [the RO] and a desire to contest the result.” In layperson’s terms this means you must communicate your disagreement and desire to appeal in writing. As a veterans disability law firm, we often counsel veterans on filing their NODs. A NOD must be filed at the VA office that sent the claimant the notice of the determination being appealed.In many Regional Offices, an informal “reconsideration” is conducted upon request for employees of Veterans Service Organizations. If a claimant receives a notice tha the claimant’s records were transferred to another VA office, then the NOD must be filed with the VA office that received the records.When the last day falls on a weekend or holiday, the period ends on the next workday.The VA uses a legal doctrine called “.” This means that “if a letter properly directed is proved to have been either put into the post office or delivered to the postman, it is presumed, from the known course of business in the post office department, that it reached its destination at the regular time, and was received by the person to whom it was addressed.” It is recommended that you send your NOD with some form of proof of mailing.

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