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They are established in their careers and do not have to worry about focusing on trivial work, they have already made their money.They have more free time than younger men, and they want to spend it with you!Doing so is more effective and less time consuming than online dating where you don't know if people are who they represent themselves as, Ginsberg says. "You need to invest time and energy into finding the right representation for you." Make sure any dating company you join has access to your ideal match. It took time for your business to grow to where it is now, notes Ginsberg. Also understand that "the One" could be anywhere, she says.For example, if you're looking for someone who's educated and successful, make sure they have access to those people. "Be present as you go throughout your day," she says.Ask yourself what your goals are and how you will achieve them. In dating, you could be attracted to someone, but their priorities may be different or they don't share the same goals, Adler notes.When you're growing your business, you become focused on that, and dating falls into the "comfort zone," Ginsberg says. There are ways to find that out without actually coming out and asking, Adler says.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of finding love and having a fulfilling relationship is to give a mature guy a try. Willing to trade a few years in age not to have to struggle any further?You may stay in a relationship because it's familiar, even though you know it's not going anywhere. She suggests asking how they've celebrated birthdays in the past to get a sense of what's important to them.Ginsberg suggests "clearing the clutter" of these incompatible relationships to make space for a good match to come into your life. But be sure not to interview your date or treat them like an employee, she cautions.A selective search through a matchmaking service like Model Quality Introductions will introduce you to men that already know the best restaurants, can choose beautiful gifts, and will fly you around the world with them on their adventures.Confidence that only a man with life experience can exude, and this makes him very sexy!

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