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There’s no definitive answers (yet) as to why friendships have such a strong influence on health, but here’s a guess: More friends means more people to convince you to quit smoking, get that weird mole checked out, put down the ice cream, and get back out there before the bummer of a break-up turns into full-fledged depression. ” sounds like nagging when it comes from the mom or the husband, it becomes thoughtful concern when uttered by a friend. Have you ever seen the effects of friendship on your physical health? Does it seem odd to you that friendship is so much more important to health than family is?Dating app Bumble from Whitney Wolfe, who was one of the Tinder co-founders, is now launching a new service designed to help users find BFFs.If you both swipe right, you have 24 hours to start a conversation and form that bond you're longing for.Bumble will use different colors to display your conversations based on their category so you don't mistake your BFF conversations with your flirty dating ones.

As Tech Crunch points out, Bumble will initially require users to have a single profile for both dating and BFF mode, but a dual-profile feature is reportedly in the works.It’s not just about the short-term satisfaction of having someone to invite to girl’s night.If I succeed, it could have lifelong effects for me, my husband, and my family.While Bumble is still primarily oriented toward dating, it now allows users to do more.In addition to finding romantic matches or friends with benefits, Bumble now enables users to find trustworthy BFFs.

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