Sedating children on long haul flights Hurse livesex

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They were UK doctors living in Australia and they had used Phenergan on their three older children all the time and this was the first time they had used it on their daughter and what I didn't know at the time and I've since learned is that you can have the opposite reaction so instead of being sedated you can go completely hyper and she was an absolute nightmare the whole ten hours. She was just completely wired."Welsh later discovered her son had a hyperactive reaction to the medicine when she gave some to him for a grass allergy.

"I've never seen him so hyperactive and we were just thanking our lucky stars that we did not try that on the flight to Hawaii."As for Sibary, she admits that even after giving another one of her children, who was then aged four, too much of the medicine and being unable to wake him when the flight landed, she has not been deterred.

We had spoken to a number of friends that had used it when they were travelling just to calm the children down for a long haul flight and we for some reason we decided against it."Welsh then witnessed an adverse reaction to the medicine first hand.

"We met this other family and their daughter was literally climbing the walls of the aircraft.

I didn't even try to "Google" how should I prepare.

I mean, I've travelled on a bus for almost twenty hours - flying couldn't be that worse. Since that flight, I have taken dozens of long-haul flights with at least one stop over which sometimes up to twelve hours.

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These essentials are always on my personal bag which goes under the seat.She slept for hours, blissfully drugged."Sibary had used an over the counter medicine, Phenergan Elixir, containing promethazine a sedating antihistamine, on the recommendation of a friend who travelled regularly between Britain and Australia to visit family."Usually administered on the advice of a GP to treat motion sickness or discomfort from certain allergies, it has become the secret weapon for many middle-class mothers embarking on long-haul flights.UPDATED AUGUST 2019Long haul flights are just inevitable, isn't it?The first time I had to fly internationally was a long flight, it was between the Philippines to Denmark in 2013 for about 31 hours with connections and no one told me what to expect.

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