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It’s basically all of the above apps, but better – because the Raya dating pool is, by design, a bit less public-facility and a bit more Gatsby-glam-with-a-famous-guest-list.

You need to know somebody already on the app in order to even be considered. I shrugged, downloaded it, tapped in all my details including my Instagram handle (important as you’re judged not only on your content but how many followers you have) and listed my TV-star mate as my reference. Now I didn’t want anything more in the world than to be allowed into the cool group. In fact, if you try to screenshot anything, you get a pop-up notification with a warning that your IP address has been recorded.

I won’t mention names for fear of being likened to Taylor Swift but he suggested we go bowling with a group of his friends and we ended up back at a pool party held at his f**k-off of a house until the sun came up.

It was the stuff you only see in the movies, and up there with one of the best nights of my life.

When Mike's kids go missing, it's up to Clare to try to find them.

Going by the hunch of her visions, Clare makes her way into the park's woods in hopes of finding Marks kids.

Her search not only turns up the kids, but looking for their little dog after had also led her to a pink princess body.

I was then told I’d be notified should my application be successful. A few nervous days went by and after some constant refreshing I received a message telling me I had been accepted. I had been given the password to the secret dating club for the rich and famous. You see, whilst they may sell it as a “dating app for people in the creative industry”, what they Raya puts Tinder to shame. And every screen on the app has your Instagram handle watermarked in the background – so if something gets out, they know who leaked it.

From famous actors to DJs, restaurateurs to professional athletes, every single swipe brings you another supremely attractive or very successful singleton. I guess it’s to protect the A-listers’ privacy and keep the whole thing as exclusive as possible but boy, I really shat my pants the first time I got busted.

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