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The actual questions which will be asked in Census 2021 will be considered via secondary legislation in the form of a Census order, which will be scrutinised by the Parliament at a later date.

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body securely processes journalists’ data for the purpose of enabling reporting on the work of the Scottish Parliament, in line with current data protection requirements.

In its guidance for the bill, National Records of Scotland also proposed that the mandatory sex question should include a non-binary response option as well as male and female.

In its stage one report, MSPs found the lack of consultation with a range of organisations including a broad range of women’s groups, to be a serious deficiency in the process when considering issues of sex and transgender status.

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People who identify as transgender or non-binary will still have the option of a separate question on their identity, which the Committee agreed should be voluntary.” The report can be found here.

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Take a relaxed approach and show interest in people and don't be shy.The Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee has been scrutinising the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill in preparation for the next census which will take place in 2021.The bill proposes that new questions on sexual orientation and transgender identity should be voluntary.A Scottish Parliament Committee has found serious deficiencies in the way consultation was carried out around planned changes to the 2021 census.In a report published today, they recommend wider consultation and propose amendments to avoid the perception that sex is being conflated with gender identity.

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