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The practice of publishing a journal article online and then post-dating its official release several months later as it is slotted into a print issue is not uncommon.

This practice, however, can be manipulated into increasing a journal’s impact factor, argues Frank Krell in a new article published — online, one month in advance — in the April issue of .

CASE DESCRIPTION This case will allow students to analyze marketing strategy and target markets, be informed about and able to discuss legal and ethical issues in the marketplace and also about branding of a company and how the brand can continue to keep the company going one way even if going another way is in the company's best interests.

This case has a difficulty level of three to four and is best utilized in higher-level undergraduate or graduate courses.

Originally, e Harmony was based on strong Christian principles, using the number of marriages produced from the site as a marketing tactic.

However, competition and a more mature market have led the company to expand in order to survive and still hold a competitive advantage.

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Based on this model, e Harmony was launched in 2000 and since then, millions of people have used e Harmony's Compatibility Matching System to find compatible long-tem relationships, many of them leading to marriages.

This case is designed to be taught in one and a half class hours with students having two hours of out-of-class preparation.

CASE SYNOPSIS EHarmony is an online dating company that was started in 2000, under the premise that it matched couples scientifically on "29 dimensions of compatibility." Unlike other dating sites, e Harmony focuses specifically on creating lifelong "matches" and has marketed the company accordingly.

In doing so, e Harmony has missed out on a large part of the market--the younger generation that is constantly on the go and rely on mobile devices and computers rather than television and print.

INTRODUCTION In 1997, after practicing clinical psychology for 35 years, Dr.

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