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On the Internet there are many pages of foot fetish.Some more professional, others more amateur type but in general fetishists we could not fault the variety and amount of material there is about it in the net.With its natural scent, it is meant: sweaty, tired, something dirty and smelly …For many fetishists, there is nothing better than feeling stunned by the scent of a beautiful female feet after a long day in her job, an intense workout or just after days of wearing the same socks, stockings and/or shoes, especially on hot summer days.

The range is very wide and extensive but if there is a kind of fetishism that has many followers this is the foot-fetish smelling.I did not know the content of CSS (Candid Stinky Soles), but other pages as California Beach Feet, Czech Feet, Dreamgirls in Socks and others have undoubtedly been a landmark in the way I make my productions.Perhaps these three I mentioned are the pages that have marked in the artistic aspect and each one is excellent in its style; for my part I try that Smelly Natural Feet gather the best of each of these three websites plus the personal touch of my way of producing.Girls that our friends of SNF found in everyday situations of everyday life: this is why is such a special place, by the naturalness and spontaneity of the situations that arise.In SNF (Smelly Natural Feet) you not only can gloat with videos and pictures of these beauties and exquisite and smelly feet, but you can also buy all kinds of shoes, stockings, panties and sweaty socks of the protagonists.

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