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Built right to the street in cheek-by-jowl closeness, the houses strut their turquoise, Day-Glo green and Schiaparelli-pink hues. The windows feature Gospel scenes appropriately involving ships and sea (a frequent subject of the traditional window also), as well as a portrait of Pope John XXIII and the ecumenical council.The trim colors are equally uninhibited and unexpected, a Latin thumbing-of-the-nose at the gray surroundings …. On the square in front of the cathedral, a directional sign points to four key destinations: ”patisserie,” ”hotels,” ”Mairie” (the city administration) and ”fronton Basque.” The first three indicate that you are in a famously well-organized country that values tourists and good pastry.As if to compensate for their bleak surroundings, the St-Pierrais are proud of their little town, and express themselves in colorful architecture. Better to engage in St.-Pierre’s best pastime, simply strolling or climbing its streets. The pockmarked Cathedral of St.-Pierre, built in 1905 in cement, a medium revolutionary at the time, has weathered badly.An unusual feature of the houses is the tambour, a small enclosed porch projecting out into the street. The town is so small you’ll stumble across the sights, whether it’s L’Arche, the town’s dramatically contemporary museum; the World War I monument across from L’Arche; or the cemetery, crammed with above-ground tombs whose inscriptions detail the origins and often short lives of the St. I did need a French walking-tour pamphlet to find where an 1889 execution by guillotine took place (at the present Ile aux Enfants school, at the Rue Marcel Bonin). Initially, the interior is not much more inviting, but aficionados of stained glass will find its windows suggestive of St.-Pierre’s close links with the Metropole and of a religion that has changed enormously in the last century. 3 Click here for my series of photos on the houses of St. Pierre, and the larger islands of Miquelon and Langlade. Langlade is uninhabited, although some St-Pierrais have summer homes there, and the locals like to go over to hunt deer and rabbits. Puzzled by the salted butter rather than the usual French unsalted variety, I asked the breakfast room madame about it. Pierre is the capital of the French territory of St. This archipelago is the last remnant of France in North America, and consists of the small island of St. They supplied me with advice, birthday congratulations after they took a message from home, and a tiny, antiquated 220-volt hair dryer. There was a lucrative interval during Prohibition, when American rumrunners bought vast quantities of Canadian whiskey warehoused in St.-Pierre, but St.-Pierre and Miquelon remain fishing villages. Aside from its period as the littlest pawn in a French-English chess game, the islands’ history is the history of cod fishing, which peaked in the late 19th century and plunged at the end of the 20th.

Because this is France, the people are impeccably polite, with a reserve that doesn’t lead to casual conversation with tourists. Pierrais are more outgoing than those from the Metropole, particularly two late-middle-aged women staffing the Hotel Robert’s reception and breakfast room.Sometimes while traveling, I obsess on a particular material or thing. The patisserie in question is Bernard Guillard, at 23, rue Marechal Foch.Once in Japan, I spent a week searching out all the possible uses for bamboo. In a green clapboard house, traditional delicacies with menacing names like souris (mice), religieuses (nuns) and nids d’abeilles (bees’ nests) cry out to anyone with a half-functioning sweet tooth. Although the general standard is high and the fresh fish is excellent, the tendency is to robe many things in puff pastry, and when in doubt to bring on the creme patissiere. Saint-Pierre et Miquelon: L’Arche for the Vernacular Architecture Forum, 2003. The restaurants also hail from an era before cuisine minceur.

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