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The ones with "SM" prefix are new files (not from AAA set); the ones with "Fix" prefix are modified files from AAA set; the files without "SM" or "Fix" prefixes are either files that do not require modification or files to be fixed as yet (check also color codes table). The table below lists all files currently used in the robot.

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Yet unfortunately for Touma, his arm also seems to nullify good luck.Despite his bad luck, the boy tries to stay out of trouble and just live out his life, trying to be the "good guy" whenever he can; but trouble enters his life one day when he finds a young girl hanging on his balcony.She turns out to be a nun of the Church of England, bearing the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum - a collection of 103,000 forbidden texts, and as a result has a number of people after her.But as the group battles church sects and holy assassins, they realize that discovering who their true enemy is may be more difficult than saving the sister.Meanwhile, an organization known as the Science Society resurrects an esper-producing program, a school festival brings out the competition - and drama - in the student population, and a mysterious figure negotiates the purchase of a sacred relic that could threaten the future of Academy City.

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