Sagittarius dating a pisces speed dating columbus ga

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You don’t like to get soft unless it’s in front of someone you really trust, so a lot of your time is spent alone or with people you really, trust.

Secret relationships are more likely to start now too, but be careful—foggy Pisces can cloud your view of others now, and your new lover might just be a f*ckboy in disguise. You’re a great listener who always has a shoulder available to cry on, and you give solid, practical advice.

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If you’re single, a first date or hookup can lead to catching major feels, so don’t expect a fling to just stay a fling.A fun bonus of Venus in Pisces is a higher chance of financial gifts like an inheritance or extra-huge tax return!Virgo While Venus is in your opposite sign, your one-on-one relationships become the focus.You know when you go to the bathroom at the bar and run into someone sobbing in the stall, so you immediately deliver the pep talk of the century, even though you’re pretty litty yourself? That’s not to say you can’t find love—if any new relationships started now continue after Venus leaves Pisces, it’s because there’s a deep, genuine connection!This is the feeling of Venus in Pisces—gentle, compassionate, and just a little bit hazy! If you’re in a solid relationship, this is a magical time for romance, intimacy, and growing closer on a soulful level.

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