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A match is when another member’s profile meets the criteria you had specified in your ‘My Ideal Match’ page when you created your profile.The matching algorithm performs two-way matches so a member will only appear in your match list if your profile also meets the criteria that they specified in their matches.Most dating websites calculate matches based on what the person behind the profile is seeking so by using this system, Saga Dating can create matches based on what the two single people they have connected have in common.Saga Dating offers you a safe and secure way to find and message people of your choice.

The message will be sent to their email address from your username and your real name will never be shown. These messages will come from their username and not their real email address – protecting both you and their privacy.

Profiles are incredibly detailed – even down to information about the person’s sense of humour and intelligence.

You can skip some sections in signup and if you do, these answers will be left unanswered on your profile.

No, all newly uploaded photos should be checked and approved by the Saga Dating team before they become publicly visible.

The same is also true for existing photos if you change your profile photo.

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