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I took her back to my place, let her sleep in the bed while I elected to take the futon.

In the morning she was mad at me for babysitting her.

If there was ever a “damned if you do” scenario, this was it.

I’m not going to attempt to understand things from the female perspective, but I know it has to be worse.

We are faced with so many options: Do we date other expats? When I moved back abroad, this time to Korea, I was determined not to relive that lengthy dry-spell.Moreover, most are doing the exact same thing with their lives as me—teaching English to Korean kids. We are scattered throughout the city, thus necessitating lengthy commutes to see a would-be significant other.And foreign teachers are constantly coming and going, with most staying for a year and then splitting, either back to their home country or to a new locale.I gave my friend a knowing glance when I saw her name appear on the caller I. It was all over for the relationship, and the bottle of scotch was soon to follow.If Mary is to be believed—and I pretty much never believe what I’m being told during the dumping process—she decided not to renew her contract after all and “didn’t want to get too attached.” At least I had a reason to hope for more with Mary. Take the case of Amy, a smart, young, and energetic sprite of a woman from the States.

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