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I am using a Template Field to display my Edit, Update and Cancel 'buttons' in the first column of the Grid View within respective Item Template and Edit Item Template fields.

Within the Item Template I have an Image Buttong with a Command Name of "Edit".

1 On Load(Event Args e) 2 The above modification does work if I use the code in a single file. - This master page hosts various user controls which are implemented for corresponding use case.

Moreover, if you have observed the above code, the view state is enabled on the gridview.

How do I grab the new values from these textboxes and proceed further? Questo consente di fornire un metodo di gestione degli eventi che esegue una routine personalizzata, ad esempio l'annullamento dell'operazione di aggiornamento, ogni volta che si verifica questo evento.Un Grid View Update Event Args oggetto viene passato al metodo di gestione degli eventi, che consente di determinare l'indice della riga corrente e di indicare che l'operazione di aggiornamento deve essere annullata. - These internal user controls may either have or do not have the update panels. I know the above architecture is little screwed up and is also heavy for a web project. Even though it does work in my user control, I am still confused about its exact working. These individual user controls in turn use several update panels to make use of the partial page postbacks.

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