Rowupdating dataset

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If you're creating the adapter explicitly in your code, just add the call yourself.

On Row U‌​pdated); However I would prefer to do this in the adapter's partial class so that the users of the dataset don't have to remember to add this code every time they create an instance of the adapter.

In this method we write sql query in our code behind page instead of writing sql stored procedure.

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I decided to fool around a little more to see what I could find.

The problem was fixed by your earlier post about rebuilding the table on every postback. Text; echo field "User Entered Value, Value from Database" I thought this to besomewhat "dirty" and unexpected, so I probed some more.

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Sql Data Adapter cust Adapter = new Sql Data Adapter( "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM Customers", connection); // Add handlers.

step through your code in build Grid() and make sure you're seeing what you expect, on postback. Normally during this step the Grid View still has columns populated with controls. It is as if all of the column Template Fields are deleted on post Back BEFORE my Row Updating event fires.

In all of the examples I have seen online, they have no trouble accessing the columns or controls after a postback which is why I am completely stumped. However, when I rebuild the Grid View I am pulling data from the Data Set which has yet to be updated with the new data that the user enetered.

Am I doing something wrong when I rebuild my Grid View possibly?

I tried just rebuilding my columns without doing a databind on my Grid View hoping that viewstate would save the data.

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