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Examples of these are fields that do not exist in a default address book, like annual revenue or the number of employees — these types of fields should not be required for Riva to sync.

If Salesforce requires them, they should be left up to the next record editor to complete, or another process should be defined to handle them.

If conditions change, we will open the office sooner.

We will have updates via Social Media on our Facebook Page and Twitter. There is now an "Installation Password" feature that can be used to prevent an unauthorized person from updating a Quote Werks Installation.

(And it doesn't require a separate report-writer program.) Dependency Lists: Electrician can generate a list of all the other plugins that directly call the plugin you've selected, as well as all plugins directly called by it.

For registered users, it even does full-text searching on any table, and has the unique ability to export a list of every single control in every view, Active Form, Main View, or Support view in your system, along with any field(s) that control is data-bound to, and the properties used for those bindings.

(Check out our sample CSV file.) You can also view plugin data using the built-in Hex Viewer, decode . It works with any version of Sales Logix, with both ADO and BDE connections fully supported in the same EXE - there's no need for two separate versions. CHECK OUT SOME OF THESE USEFUL FEATURES: Advanced Search Capabilities: With Electrician you can search upwards as well as downwards, use regular expressions as search terms, and ignore case.

Electrician is the only program around that will extract and decode these sub-objects, allowing you to read and search on those properties - one of which just happens to be the database field the control is bound to. It also does the same thing for menu and toolbar plugins. Search for strings in embedded Word templates and Crystal Reports without having to extract them first!

And stop wading through lengthy XML Schemas that don't have any line breaks.

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