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The male-female ratio in Iraq is heavily skewed by two successive wars, a generation of political retribution and the diaspora of Iraqi men who fled Saddam Hussein’s regime to seek economic advantages abroad. “We have many handsome and learned Iraqi men.” She acknowledges, however, that many of the older women she knows “never had a chance at marriage because of the Iran war,” which killed nearly 1 million Iraqi soldiers in the 1980s.

“Men like to marry young women so they can mold them like candle wax,” laughed May Witwit, an outspoken, trouser-wearing widow in her early 40s who wouldn’t mind marrying again for the companionship and second income. Some independent women here have decided that half a man is better than none.

There’s a rule against it,” said a soldier from the 1st Infantry Division who works a busy checkpoint near the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Falling in love across enemy lines: It sounds like something out of a fairy tale. As this American soldier and his Iraqi wife found out, love in a war zone is difficult, it’s dangerous, and it Sergeant Sean Blackwell has been in Baghdad for two weeks when he meets the girl, and there's really nothing more to say about that particular moment.

Strappy sandals, for example, poke incongruously from the bottoms of fluttering hemlines — flashing what one U. colonel described as “local T&A; — toes and ankles.” And then there are the carefully made-up eyes that seem to communicate a woman’s soul, intelligence and humor. They find themselves marveling at the hot, black polyester robes many women wear, rather than wondering what lies beneath.

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Fatin and John are certainly not the only romance to bloom during the Iraq war.

He would scan the morning crowd to find the dark-haired translator with the dancing eyes.

She would hide love notes in the handbag he was obliged to search. But it was like we were all alone when we were together.

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