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A fourth more expensive type of brick was the cutting brick, a crimson brick of very fine sandy quality and capable of accurate cutting hence the name - but they were also known as rubbing brick or Windsor brick.

In the best work these were used instead of red stocks for window arches and decorative dressings (photo shows rubbed brick window arch c1740).

The stocks used in and around London were of two colours: grey and red, the latter being a trifle more costly and often used for lintels and window arches whilst the grey bricks were preferred for walling in general.

In the latter part of the century London stocks were almost uniformly a pale, yellowish brown.

Outside areas where good building stone was available, brick was the universal Georgian building material.

The building of these first Georgian streets and squares represented the beginnings of large-scale suburban development in Britain.The party walls of the houses usually contained the chimney flues which added strength to the structure.Large houses would contain up to twenty-five or more individual flues which were swept of soot by young climbing boys.These were the first fashionable suburbs containing streets, squares, circles and crescents of elegant terraced houses which exemplified the best of Georgian good taste: a combination of judicious restraint with exquisite detailing of the doors and windows.The terraced house arose from the need of the speculative builder to squeeze as many houses as possible into one street.

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