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Corydoras in nature feeds on worms, insects, crustaceans, and plants. The Albino Cory is a pinkish white color with bright red eyes.Its body is armored rather than scaled, giving it the common name 'Armored Catfish'.Like all catfish, they have barbels, one on each side of the mouth that aids them in looking for food.There are sharp barbs on the dorsal, pectoral, and adipose fins that contain a mild poison used to ward off fish that may harm them; and the dorsal and pectoral fins also have strong, rigid spines.They are not listed on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species and there are no wild populations of this albino color morph.Albino cory varieties were developed by breeders for the aquarium trade.

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Regular water changes with siphoning of the gravel is crucial to remove their waste and keep the Albino Cory tank clean.They have sharp spines in the dorsal, pectoral and adipose fins that contain a mild poison used to ward off fish that may harm them.The overall appearance has an armored look which gives them the common name "Armored Catfish." Although there are over 180 species of Corydoras, only about 50 are available to the hobby and about 10 are bred commercially.They are not often bred in home aquariums, but they will breed rather easily and it is very interesting to watch!The female will drop a few eggs and catch them with her ventral fins, carrying them about to deposit them here and there about the plants and decor in the aquarium.

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