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I swear within 10 minutes of browsing I saw tons women on POF from my last time in 2015 with the exact same photos as then.So not only are they lying about how they look but how can they be on a site totally overloaded with men and not have found anyone???They also use cartoon characters, memes, X-rated images, feet etc.(basically anything but clear face shots) but that's perfectly fine. It's not a matter of a few slipping through the cracks either.cringe attempts at 'poetry', which amounted to nothing more than word salad (well, 'graphorrhea' - if you want to get technical), and some copy paste pick-up line drivel. I notice there's a lot of bitter reviewers here bashing women for not answering their messages. Absolutely insane I will add One woman on her headline said she is tired of men offering to pay her bills.

The relatively 'normal' messages I received were, for the most part, rather forced (e.g. Online dating has created a whole generation of women who offer very little but think they deserve a stunning looking fella.

It may not be about you personally (or maybe it is, oh well). If we're too attractive - you (quite literally) dehumanize us. They steal your photos and then use them to make fake profiles.

Oh and our standards are too high, because we have *gasp* certain preferences, ok... A lot of picking apart women's looks too, which says A LOT about your character (or lack of). It's almost like we can't win ;) All in all, a horrid experience. You're a fool if you think POF needs to know your birth order, parent's marital status and annual income (not even a prefer not to say' option) etc. Don't waste your time paying for this filth when the majority of other users are free.

The women are ruder pickier nastier, act more entitled and just worse than 2015.

The lists of what you must face to qualify has gotten longer as has the demands such as MAKE ME LAUGH or ONLY SAY HI AND YOU' LL BE DELETED.

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