Remington 1100 serial number dating

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The third model was made in 6 variations, all marked, ""REMINGTON ARMS CO, ILION NY". After the merger between Remington and UMC Cartridge Co in 1910, beginning in 1911, the fourth models were marked "REMINGTON-U. He states that his testing showed the 130 grain bullet traveled at 685 feet per second (209 m/s) so producing 111 foot-pounds force (150 J) of energy - a significant difference in ballistic energy from the earlier tests.

The company name was changed to Remington Arms Co., and beginning in 1889 all Remington guns were marked with that name. The first variation of the third models were serialized, but all other variations were marked in batches, not with serial numbers. About 500 monoblocks were made through 1935, with only ten guns shipped after that. The round produced a muzzle velocity of 425 feet per second (130 m/s) and a muzzle energy of 52 foot-pounds force (71 J).

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It is quite usual for guns to take months to get into the hands of UK wholesalers, and then get out to gunshops.

Remington derringers often played critical roles in the exploits of James T.

The difference in findings can potentially be attributed to variances in the specific ammunition fired or measuring equipment used.

Another derringer was carried as a sleeve gun under his right shirt sleeve, and the third was broken into two parts with the barrel-chamber assembly hidden in the hollowed out heel of one boot and the frame hidden in the heel of the other. 22) of The Big Valley, Jarrod Barkley gives Heath a nickel plated pearl gripped Double Derringer as a Christmas present.

The barrel rib top inscription changed to REMINGTON ARMS CO. This derringer was carried either in a vest pocket or an inside pocket of his jacket.

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