Regular expression for validating email in php

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For a credit card number the real validation happens on the server side, but some preliminary pattern checking is done on the server end as well.A details in a credit card comprises of Expiration Date , Card No etc.Downside: Even invalid email addresses like [email protected], or even [email protected], make it through.2.Slightly more strict (but still simple) approach Regular-Expressions.Way complicated approach A Perl module has a long regular expression based on the standard description of an email address.

Do you check for an at-sign, or is it more complicated?Here are four regular expressions (often called ) that all validate the format of an email address. The more complicated, the more accurate each is at matching only email addresses.1.Dirt-simple approach Here's a regex that only requires a very basic Upside: Dirt simple.The regular expression is used to find the characters and then replace them with empty spaces.Unwanted parentheses surrounding area codes or telephone numbers, can be removed using regular expression and method replace() The regular expression searches for one or more parentheses, spaces or dashes , globally.

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