Redneck dating ideas

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But don't get too caught up on it all - the whole thing is probably just codetalk or something.. But sometimes it's hard to get the attention you need at the race or local bar, sometimes impossible.

No worries though, bellywag is here to make things more efficient. Our goal is to be the leading redneck dating & singles website around and we've put together something special for all of us. We joke a lot but we really are committed to traditional, long-term healthy relationships. We're a small group of Carolina tech types working to revolutionize online dating.

Maybe you're into mullets or mud parks, redneck Olympics or one liners, redneck karate or kung fu, or just redneck life in general – share it.

Because a great sense of humor goes a long way when it comes to dating and finding the one. Share videos of your beauty parlor experience, your 4 x 4 in the mud, the big catch fishing at the lake, or the wild boar you nailed at 200 yards. You know all about redneck women, men, kings and queens.

The idea presented was why don't we have a top notch dating site all our own, why don't we have one with all the bells and whistles of the big boys with all the features? Working on the concept and platform for some time we decided to bump things up a notch or two.

Instead of some basic site with messaging and winks, bellywag has taken it far beyond.

Offering all the top features of any quality dating site, and adding more with more personality, bellywag is setting a new standard in online dating.

Even the sweetest gifts are better when paired with a handwritten note, so you know the drill: Write one of these famous love quotes in his card to really melt his heart. Besides your habit of leaving your socks scattered on the bedroom floor, your beau's biggest pet peeve is room temperature beer.You've got redneck engineering techniques others can use – share it on your wall.Send friend requests and build new relationships, and have fun with it!Jonah White, CEO of Billy Bob Products is looking to invest in the next million-dollar gag idea.Aspiring inventors seeking the American dream pitch Jonah and team in hopes of striking a deal. Jonah White, CEO of Billy Bob Products is looking to invest in the next million-dollar gag idea.

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