Red flag rules in dating

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This demonstrates maturity and shows that they care about their actions.However, if your new lover doesn’t believe in saying “I’m sorry” expect some trouble down the line.According to Marriage Today, your SO could view apologizing as a sign of weakness. Just because they treat you with kindness doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to treat others poorly.When a partner is mean to strangers (especially people who work in the service industry), their actions could hint at their future shortcomings.Not only is it completely unhealthy to have someone dictate your behavior based on what they want, but it also prevents you from creating the life that you want.According to Psychology Today, you want to keep a lookout if your partner creates a wedge between you and your friends.

But if your loved ones sense that something is off with your new bae, then you may want to consider why they’re feeling this way in the first place. However, they could be seeing something that you don’t, because you’re infatuated according to Psychology Today.Additionally, if they forbid you from pursuing your passions or make you choose between them and other loved ones, watch out.When your partner realizes their screw-ups, it’s important for them to accept what they did, apologize and move on.Martinez also notes that “people who are jealous and insecure will tend to cling to their partner as a means of keeping a closer eye on them.” If you want to build a life with this person, you need to be able to have healthy conversations money.But if your new boo gets mad every time you bring up the “money talk” or never creates healthy money habits, then you may want to sit down and have a conversation about how their behavior makes you feel.

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